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Jaguar Land Rover June 2015 Quarterly Sales Report

Jaguar F-type

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive reported its three-month  retail unit sales upto 30th June, 2015. With 114,905 vehicles sold, it has been broadly in line with the prior year’s record first quarter.  Strong growth in the UK, mainland Europe and North America offset slower sales in China, with total revenue of £5.0 billion, down £351 million from last year. 

Commenting on the results, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ralf Speth said:  "We have delivered solid financial earnings in this quarter despite a challenging macro-economic environment, particularly in China. These results are a testament to our balanced market presence in five international regions.  Demand for our premium vehicles remains encouraging, fully justifying our continued strategy of investing in world-class technologies, manufacturing facilities, skilled employees and services, ensuring that Jaguar Land Rover puts customers first in every part of the business.”

In the last fiscal year, Jaguar Land Rover retailed 462,209 vehicles, of that, Jaguar sold 76,930 vehicles and Land Rover sold 385,279 vehicles, making Jaguar Land Rover one of the UK's largest exporters, generating over 80% of its revenue from exports.

Over the past five years, Jaguar Land Rover has doubled its sales and employment, and had tripled its turnover, with investments of more than £10 billion in new product creation and capital expenditure. They now plan on investing £3.6bn in its products and facilities for the Fiscal year 2015 /16 and plans 50 product actions over the next five years, of which 12 will be in 2015.

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