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Volkswagen's New 8th Gen Passat GTE Plug-in Hybrid All Set To Explore Paris

The German car maker is now interested in introducing the new Passat GTE, a  plug-in  hybrid model which already inspired the people of Europe as a new innovation in its class as World premier at Paris Motor Show.

The solid features appeared :
This lengthy vehicle provides space for saloon or estate and one can drive a distance of 31 miles in all electric modes with absolutely zero emissions and can control all the E-Mode with just a press of one button next to the gear lever.     
GTE mode offers the vehicle to be an 'ECO FRIENDLY'  with lower than 45g/km of CO2 emissions under all electric modes. In combination with TSI, a 50 liter full tank and with fully charged battery , the Passat covers nearly 620 miles and could travel all along the route from PARIS to LONDON  without any refueling.

The Vehicles performance :
This new generation Passat is provided with highly efficient engine which can be helpful in sporty side too. The sportier way of designing the accelerator pedal and steering and also the 1.4 lit TSI engine providing high power and excellent torque is 400Nm.With these,  the performance of the vehicle is totally sporty and Eco-friendly.


The powerful driving performance: 
The six gear duel clutch gear box with a front wheel drive is the hybrid technology accelerating 62 MPH in less than 8.0 sec achieving top speed of 136 mph and in E -MODE it's 80mph. After XL-1,e-up!,e-golf, golf GTE , this hybrid Passat GTE is the fifth or sixth vehicle with electric engine and zero emissions.

Interior range of beauty:
It is totally tuned well with new drive system tailored by engineers and interface designers at VW-TE (technical development center) for the plug in hybrid drive. The interior designing is now available in many vibrant colors like bluish shades with seats covered in 'sevilla' cloth.  
Moreover, the interior was enhanced by the "Waves" design (aluminum look) and "Piano Black" (high-gloss black) as well as GTE logo in front of the gear shift gate.


The CAR-NET E REMOTE app is helpful for charging of the battery via smart phone, in addition to that climatic control function, vehicle status, state of charge of battery ,recent driving data and last parking position can be easily checked under this app. CAR-NET E REMOTE also provides information whether the doors are closed and lights are off.

The high resolution 6.5 inches display of standard 'composition media' infotainment system which can be optionally replaced by ''DISCOVER MEDIA ''(SAME 6.5 INCH) or ''DISCOVER PRO''(8.0 INCH DISPLAY) Radio navigating systems. Their additional functions includes:

Range monitor
 Momentary electric driving range, an additional range potential achieved by turning off auxiliary consumers that might be in use.

Energy flow indicator:  It utilizes animated graphics to depict the energy flow when accelerating and also when regenerative braking (blue and green arrows respectively)

e-Manager:  Charging times and up to three departure and also heating and cooling of interior can be activated via stationary air conditioning is its standard feature

360 degrees range:  360 degrees zone on map of surrounding area, one way electric driving range, charging stations are displayed and also helpful in route calculations.

The tachometer, speedometer ,power meter are all set up with their respective functions which can be observed on the colorful display. The ''READY'' message also appears after the start of the e-motor , indicating the vehicle is ready to be driven as the motor cannot be heard when car stops.

Eco friendly with zero emissions:
The turbo charged direct petrol injection engine(1.4 TSI)with three phase permanent magnet synchronous motor is used as electric motor powering the Passat GTE provides a max torque of 330 nm. 9.9 lithium ion high voltage battery, the adorable clutch design, electric mechanical brake servo, electric air conditioning compressor, energy efficient operation of brakes and air condition in E-MODE etc., All these features are totally acceptable and helped in making the new Passat as an ''ECO-FRIENDLY CAR''.   

Ideas on battery charging :
There are two ways in charging  the battery of the new Passat GTE.  
1.Charging socket in Radio Grill: The standard charging cable must be plugged into 230 volts main electrical socket. The alternating currents (AC)charges up the battery at power level 2.3 Kw can fully be charged in 4 hours 15 minutes .

This is the optional wall box for a garage offered by VW, uses a power level of 3.6k.W and takes only 2 hours 30 minutes for total battery charging
Public charging stations are also available at 3.6 Kw

The new generation Passat is fully equipped and can easily controlled with the press of single button . The E-MODE button transforms the car into its sporty nature with GTE technology. In its GTE mode, the TSI and electric motor work together makes the ''BOOSTING'' to the vehicle to make the total system power and maximum torque available.

VW offers optional instrument cluster:
The 8th generation Passat is designed as full interactive display, navigation information seen in 2D or 3D view on 12.3 inch display, high quality graphics and interactive display at resolution of highly precise 1,440×550 pixels, relocation of speedometer and tachometer to the sides makes more room for map display. The data displayed on the center console via infotainment system can be shown in active info display, one can easily pull the important data as per the situation in hand. 

The Volkswagen Passat GTE can be driven in different modes, a hybrid vehicle, providing high power and excellent torque and zero-emissive too, which makes the vehicle good enough to get the attraction of all.  The vehicle is going to become available to order in the June of 2015 in UK, and get delivered by the end of  October 2015.

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