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Eicher Polaris launches MultiX

Eicher Polaris, a joint venture between Eicher Motors and Polaris has launched the MultiX four-wheel personal utility vehicle with prices starting at Rs 2.32 lakh and upto Rs 2.72 lakh (ex-showroom).

The Eicher Polaris MultiX is a first of its kind personal utility vehicle that comes with a small 511 cc diesel engine and has comfortable seating for five adults.

The MultiX is essentially Eicher Polaris India’s first effort to break into the highly lucrative entry-level personal mobility segment. The MultiX is targeted more towards the rural and semi urban user.
The Eicher Polaris MultiX is powered by a single cylinder diesel engine that adheres only to Bharat Stage three norms, which means it will not be sold in most major metros due to stringent norms. The engine makes 10PS of peak power at 300rpm and 27Nm of peak torque between 1400-2200rpm. The MultiX can also be bought with an onboard generator which can help power the electricity of a household or be used on the field to power tools. This feature is touted to be the key driver for its sales in semi-urban and rural towns of India.

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director & CEO, Eicher Motors Ltd., during the launch, said, “We have identified a large untapped segment of Independent Businessmen with an estimated population of 5.8 crores in India, and are committed to create a new and uniquely differentiated automotive solution for them through MultiX. Our aim is to equip the consumers with the MultiX ecosystem and enable them to unlock their potential by accessing a world of new opportunities.” Eicher Polaris India has made an investment of close to 350 Cr in MultiX and are confident of breaking even in short time.

The Eicher Polaris MultiX will be available in two variants, the base AX+ and the MX. The AX+ will have an open rear loading bay with 418 litres of load space whereas the MX gets an optional cover which can increase the boot space to a shopping 840 litres. The MultiX AX+ will also not get any doors and will get a bare tubular frame chassis whereas the MX does get doors and a set of roll down windows making it more suitable for private use.

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