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Ink and Drive with Carta2


Express your Car with CARTA 2

Have you ever wondered a GTA like body shop for your own car or it ever came to your mind that your urban landscape is so drab and boring in terms of cars moving across the streets.If the answer is yes then Carta2 is what you are looking for. One can really set ablaze his/her car with a wide range of fiery and flaming designs. Carta2, is a unique and latest platform that helps design, create and buy custom tattoos for cars.And with their own Indiegogo campaign, they are aiming at raising the funds sufficient enough to reach the final stage of development of the online platform.The platform is backed up by the game engine by Unity, and uses a custom 3 dimensional user interface to display how the tattoos will feature on the customer’s car before purchasing and applying the tattoo on the car.
Carta2 features a set of talented artists who will help users to find the best and the most matching tattoo for their cars, to help them stand out in the crowd.

So basically,if a car owner wishes to upgrade the looks of his/her car in a cheaper budget than a pro-shop job,they can easily use the Carta2 platform to afresh the looks of their car without shedding a lot of money.And in choosing Carta2 they get to choose from a wide variety of unique tattoos and be very confident on using it on their car by checking out the 3D demo without actually pasting it.

Other Features of CARTA2 include:
  • A great Social Community.
  • Materials from 3M are only used for the production of the tattoos to ensure high quality.
  • All tattoo designs come printed on transparent material so that they blend with every color car.
  • All tattoos are easy to remove and won't damage the car on the paint job.
  • Tattoos can withstand all weather conditions.

According to Mosh Lebovich, the Director of Marketing and Partnerships:
There is no doubt that our cars are the most significant social product that we own.
It is a status symbol, that expresses who we are and because of that, car owners look to invest as much as possible.
Carta2  proves that its possible to invest in your uniqueness and be special and different without spending a lot of money.”

Carta2 was founded by two young people who love cars and are looking to change the world of car customization. The company aims to provide users with a quality platform, while simultaneously striving for innovation. Carta2 is headed by Mosh Lebovich, Director of Marketing and Partnerships, and Noa Lebovich, Director of Customer Relations and Business Development.

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