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Meet & Greet with Mr. Kevin Flynn (President/MD, FCA India)

Mr. Kevin Flynn (President & MD, FCA India) is a man of many words; and yet even more achievements. Prior to his FCA stint in India, he was the MD of Jaguar Land Rover (South Africa and Sub-Sahara Region) and also served as the General Manager of Lexus in South Africa.

We met Mr. Flynn at an uptown eatery, and after the initial introductions, talk immediately shifts to business. Kevin tells us about how he’s adapting to the Indian automotive scene, and seems upbeat about treading unchartered waters. When asked about his planning strategy for Fiat, he is quick to point out that he is here to help Fiat “grow in the long run.”

As the evening progresses, the inevitable question is asked; and Kevin happily obliges to answer about how he plans to integrate the iconic Jeep line in India; and how will it be different from the Land Rover operation he previously headed. Drawing tangents from his previous experiences, Kevin emphasizes on the necessity of a different approach.

Later on, Kevin reveals about how he is a motorbike enthusiast; and speaks about the Ducati 916 he owns. Although he rues about not being able to ride it frequently, he exclaims how the bike is a sight to behold, even in the confines of his garage.

As the soiree comes to an end, Kevin pledges to be present at as many FCA events as he can attend, and expresses his desire to work closely with the rest of us in the future, while signing off with a firm handshake. 

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