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Crash test for all new cars mandatory

India would have  safer cars with the government enforcing stringent crash test norms by October '17.
     The new minimum safety norms, including frontal and side crash tests will be applied to all entry level and cheaper cars. For frontal crash cars will be tested at 56kmh and 50kmh for side crash.
Air bags and other much demanded safety would also be standardized in new cars. Though these are not mandatory , some structural changes, including structral compatibility would be needed to meet the safety requirements.
                                           Some of the older models could be phased out as they may not have the required structural strength to meet the new stipulations. While it could not be ascertained from the government or car companies on the models that would be phased out, the official said that companies have more than two years to meet the structural strength.
                                                                                                 The ministry will soon notify the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment programme on the line of New Car Assessment Programme in other countries. Under, this programme car manufacturers can go for star rating based on the cars having better safety features. They can apply for such rating as is the practice in developed countries.

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