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Lamborghini rams into road divider, driver flees

NEW DELHI: Supercars and India, don’t really match up and another example of the same was set up by a Lamborghini driver who smashed his yellow Murcielago, costing a whopping Rs. 5 Crore, into a road divider of Copernicus Marg near the Hexagon C-circle in the heart of national capital last night.

The mean machine was found wrecked around 1:15 am by Constable Tej Pal, posted with Tilak Marg police station. When he went near to check, he noticed that the car was badly damaged and its driver had abandoned it. It seemed that the driver left on foot after crashing it. The police had to check the car papers for registration details as the license plates were missing.

The car was brought to Tilak Marg police station. All its tyres and the rear left portion were completely damaged and a case under Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicles Act has been registered.

“Somebody must have taken the sports car for a late-night spin as the roads are usually deserted and stepped on the gas not knowing its extreme acceleration capabilities", said a police official.

This incident has again indicated that before such supercars are sold to customers, adequate training should be given on how to drive them safely.

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