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Hero Splendor iSmart Becomes the World's Most Fuel Efficient Motorcycle

Hero moto corp recently launched splendor iSmart. I was blown away by the figures which this bike gives, 102.5 kmpl making it the world’s most efficient bike. It has been approved by iCAT(international centre for automotive technology). Hero has redefined meaning of efficiency. It looks completely different from evergreen Splendor which was launched in 1994 and ruled heart of commuters in India. It is the largest selling bike of the world, 2 million units a year.

The i3S(idle start stop) tech used in splendor iSmart, which basically turns off motorcycle when you come to halt(after wait of 5 secs) powering it back once you depress the clutch, so no need to start the bike in traditional way. What this system does is save the fuel by preventing excessive idling. Moving further it uses consoles of NXG and same tried, tested and totally trusted 97.2 cc Honda motor. This unit generates 7.8 BHP of peak power at 7500 RPM and 8.4 Nm of peak torque at 4500 RPM. So guys if you are looking for a bike for city commuting and with good efficiency this one is surely made for you. Good bye. :)

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