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Tata Motors Group global sales reach 83,951 in February 2015; Witness 5% growth.

The Tata Motors Group global sales in February 2015 grew by 5% over February 2014 including Jaguar Land Rover as the numbers stood at 83,951. Cumulative sales fell by 4% over last fiscal, the number reaching 8,77,968. 

Global sales of all Tata Motors’ commercial vehicles and Tata Daewoo range witnessed a growth of 8% over February 2014 as the numbers stood at 31,474 in February 2015. Cumulative commercial vehicles sales for this fiscal were lower by 14% as compared to the last fiscal, with the numbers standing at 3,39,355. 

Global sales of all passenger vehicles grew by 3% in February 2015 as against February 2014 with the numbers being at 52,477. Cumulative passenger vehicles witnessed a growth of 4% over last fiscal, the numbers being 5,38,613 this year. 

Global sales of Tata Motors’ passenger vehicles in February 2015 were at 13,936 numbers, evincing a growth of 18%, over February 2014. Cumulative sales for the fiscal were at 1,22,227 numbers, falling by 8%, compared to last fiscal.  

Global sales for Jaguar Land Rover for the month reached 38,541 vehicles, compared to 39,011 vehicles, in February 2014. Jaguar sales for the month and cumulative sales were 6,448 vehicles and 68,164 vehicles respectively, while Land Rover sales for the month were 32,093 vehicles and cumulative sales amounted to 3,48,222 vehicles. Cumulative sales for Jaguar Land Rover for this fiscal rose by 8% over last fiscal and were at 416,386 vehicles.   

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