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Indians Most Passionate Behind the Wheels

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Ford survey 2015 enlightened some interesting facts on Driving Habit across the countries like Australia, China, India, Indonesia and Thailand. They carried out their survey on a total of 1,997 men and women of above stated countries (including 500 Indians), during the period of October-December in 2014. As per the survey, 8 of 10 Indians acknowledged going on a short, recreational trip at least once in a month.
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It highlighted that Indians spend too much time in weekend road trips, traffic jams and daily commute, more than the drivers in Australia, China, Thailand and Philippines.  Calculations shows that 49% of the respondents in India are spending more than 100 minutes in their cars every day which is higher than average in the Asia Pacific region.
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Majority of the respondents cited anxiety and stress as the reasons for accidents among the drivers. Some other trends for anxiety across drivers in Asia Pacific region includes hitting an animal, finding the parking spot, hitting a pedestrian, rising of fuel prices, taxing to drive at night.

Most of the respondents in India (as much as 70 percent) claimed that in-car stereo system is their most favorite feature in the car. Modern day addiction to social media being the reason, one-fourth of the drivers admitted to excessive use of mobiles while driving and not adhering to traffic rules.

The survey revealed that “Indians ranks highest in getting behind the wheels for weekend gateways”.  This shows that with sizable youth in workforce and increased incomes, Indians are becoming increasingly mobile and showcasing inclination towards exploring new places more than ever before.

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