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5 Best Bargaining Techniques for Buying a Car


Buying a car is, for all matters, a life changing proposition. First, because of the investment that you're making and second, for the emotional connect you're going to have with it. While the second is what we want to maximise, the same is not true for the first. Here's presenting the top Bargaining Techniques while buying a car.


1.     Know Your Lady

Focus, my friends, is the key. Be sure of every single detail you want in your future car including service plan, extra keys, tyre stuff and all. Search over the internet (including other sources of information like talking to current users) to get the MSRP, the dealer invoice price, regional differences in price, and special rebates being offered by dealers out of your area.

How this helps:
Knowing your prey exhaustively will ease you out of the verbal traps salespersons lay. You’ll be surer of your facts and this will demoralize the salesman BIG TIME!


2.      Set the Target

Setting up a target purchase price with maximum leeway allowed from your side. You may not be able to steal your beloved from the clutches of money-minded bullies in the first go, brace yourself, but never go beyond the maximum buck you decide upon.

How this helps:
Setting a target quantifies your approach. It also makes selection and rejection of offers smooth and decisive. Highly recommended.

3.       Cold Call

Call multiple dealerships to know what they have to offer. Also, visiting some won’t be a bad idea either. Go out, meet salespeople, spend time researching. Never ever let your love for the machine take over your rationality – avoid making hasty decisions. After getting the knowledge of the market conditions, choose. The thing about car dealerships is that you're not going to get the lowest price without the manager’s green signal. Manipulate the manager by informing him that the deal with another dealership, hopefully owned by a rival ownership network (car dealerships for the same brands are often extremely competitive, often more so than the different car brands themselves) is more or less done. Or give a time constraint -  ‘I have to complete the deal in the next 1 hour’. You’ll surely get the best deal, mark our words.

How this helps:
No eagle can expect the best flight without having its wings wide open. With figurative similarity, don’t expect to get the best deal after researching over a weekend. Remember, an ephemeral wait can get that beauty in your garage with enough money left for you to adorn it before your wife gets that anniversary gift.

4.     Use the Internet

There are a plenty of websites that provide the price you can expect to pay, with quite an accuracy –indianbluebook.com for India and Edmunds.com for US. However, don’t take the word as the gospel truth, and never submit that the quoted price was ‘from the internet’. Highly likely to backfire.

5.      Timing is Imperative

Most dealerships try to meet their goals on a regular basis. But aren’t able to. Get this fact in your head and approach them during the fag ends of months, quarters and years. You will be able to get a good deal.

Fait Supplémentaires: When a new model of a particular car comes out, you can expect to get the last years’ model at a significant discount. Industry sources and eye for detail can get you the knack of the sweet timing.

I hope this adds to your armour!

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