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Now A Bus Powered By Your ‘Poo’ Hits The Streets In UK

poo bus UK by Geneco

Yes you read it right! If you are in UK chances are that you might be commuting in a bus which may be powered by your ‘poo’. Take a pride, you have contributed to a green environment!

poo bus UK by Geneco

The GENeco “Bio Bus” is a 40-seater public transport bus which runs on biomethane gas produced through treatment of sewage and food waste. The bus can cover 300km on a full tank, which requires annual waste of 5 people to produce.

It is currently operated by Bath Bus Company and shuttles between Bristol Airport and Bath City Centre. The biomethane gas is produced by GENeco which is a subsidiary of Wessex Water.

Think about it, what would happen if this technology comes in India? It will solve several problems in our country.

  • It will be significant contribution to our PM Narendra Modi’s mutli-million dollar sanitation project! Companies will be rushing to collect your ‘poo’, you will be paid to ‘poo’ for a company probably in a sanitation facility erected by them at your doorsteps!
  • Mumbaikars will miss the morning show on the local train tracks! There would be no one to ‘poo’ on the tracks, it will be a lot cleaner place and a far better travel experience.
  • There will be a significant reduction in spread of diseases thanks to drop in open sanitation by people.

But the best part of it you will feel privileged that you power the modern transport system!

poo bus UK by Geneco

Some facts on the “Poo Bus”

  • If you, as an individual, donate your yearly food and sewage waste the Bio-Bus can run approx 60km
  • Compared to diesel powered buses, it emits 30% less carbon-dioxide
  • Compressed gas is stored in a dome shaped tanks above the bus

Photo Copyrights : Wessex Water

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