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Yamaha Alpha Quick Review | Price & Mileage

Hi folks, this time around I got a chance to have a quick ride on the new Alpha (code named 2VB1), Yamaha’s answer to Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter.

Well I’d be honest that this isn’t a full-fledged review of the 113cc scooter. Sorry guys! This is just a quick walkthrough with basic feedback from me.

I’ll put this review in points, some that I liked about the Aplha and some that I didn’t. Well you’ll find the latter more dominant throughout this review.

My initial reaction to this bike was that its big. Bigger than the Ray and Ray Z. Talking about the front looks for a second the design reminded of the Eterno with its wide dimensions.

The seat is big and wide enough and can easily seat 3 persons. On a short ride I didn’t had the chance to evaluate the comfort levels.

These are average headlights that flicker along with the engine revs, something that I find mediocre. Illumination provided by them is normal, nothing special to talk about (I had chance to ride in the evening city traffic).

Speedo Console
This is one area which did not impress me at all. Plain simple analog speedometer with the usual economy markings around 40kmph. Nothing digital on it and poorly lit by the same flickering effect.

Control Switches
Nothing special here Ignition and lights on-off switch at the right side and high-low beam, left-right turn with horn at the left. Again a little disappointment here with the quality of the switches, pretty average to say.

The 113cc is adequately powered (you’ll find the technical details on their website) and revs freely at high speeds. I liked the acceleration on this scooter but there were vibrations with the engine when you pick it up from naught to about 10kmph above which the vibrations disappear. Obviously they come back at around 70kmph, no surprises here, this happens to every scooter unless they have bigger engines.

Overall Design & Quality
The design is plain and simple nothing spectacular or eye-catching. In fact I was little disappointment to see many small cost cutting measures used by Yamaha to keep it around 60K bucks. The plastic quality takes a beating at few areas.

Again cost-cutting here by Yamaha, the mirrors look plain simple, feels like it they are borrowed from some decade year old bike on design terms. I’d hide them or replace them with some modern design one. But hey, the do their job quite well, no vibrations at speeds of 70kmph.

Now this is one area that the Alpha scores high with 21L of storage space, bigger than your average scooter. You can fit in more things along with your 1 full-size helmet.

Fuel Economy
The company claims it gives 60+ kmpl but the buzz word with the recent owners is that it gives anywhere around 45-50kmpl.

The Alpha is priced at Rs 60,450/- on-road Mumbai which is slightly higher than the Ray and Ray Z which are priced at Rs. 56,850/- and Rs. 58,700/- respectively.

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