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'I Want To Take Motorsport To The Masses' - Vijay Jain | Wheelieboy Adventures (I) Ltd.

Vijay D Jain, MD of Wheelieboy Adventures (I) Ltd, famous for their celebrity filled Ride For Safety Annual Events in Mumbai, gives a candid interview to MotorZest

What is Wheelieboy Adventures?  

Vijay :  Wheelieboy Adventures (WBA) is an event management company which organizes motorsports events in India. Our first event was Night Dirt Track Event held in Mumbai back in 2009, I think it was probably India's First Night Dirt Track Event, which was held in Mumbai, it was a closed event.

Our concept is to take motorsports to the masses. We want people to come out of cricket and see that there are better sports too. WBA is for Motorsports lovers who are willing to go beyond and wants to achieve something in Motorsports.  

How & when did Wheelieboy Adventures start?

Vijay : I founded Ride For Safety which was my pioneer event in 2004-05, it was formerly known as World AIDS Day Ride. Gradually our event became an annual event and we took it on a bigger level where we started looking for sponsorship. And the corporates don’t entertain an individual, so I decided to take a step ahead and formed Wheelieboy Adventures (I) Ltd in 2009-10

Tell us something about yourself Vijay

Vijay :  I am the Founder, Chairman and MD of Wheelieboy Adventures (I) Ltd. I was not born a superhero. I am as ordinary as all of us are. Fairly good at academics, I was all set to take charge of the family empire, until one fine evening that changed everything. 

On the day of the kite flying festival, Makar Sankranti, I was engrossed in getting my kite airborne. And that day, I saw something which was the turning point in my life. Five riders were pulling simultaneous wheelies, in an impeccably organized manner. It struck the right chord in my mind, and I knew right then, that I had to do it.

Thus began my practice sessions, along with pro-grade local stunt groups. I soon gathered many admirers and friends, thanks to my humble words and gestures. I would like to mention Zubin Patel, who once flattered me with his compliments during my learning days. I always had an entertainer's instinct. I knew exactly what the crowd wanted.

On one fine Sunday during one of our stunting events, the crowd number was an unbelievable five hundred and above, and I knew I had to show my spark. And on that unforgettable day, I introduced the Doughnut Wheelie in India. I went round and round in circles, on one wheel, with my brother perched behind me, and the crowd went ballistic! The Doughnut Wheelie was an art barely mastered by superbike riders abroad, and I did it, right here in Mumbai, on a 7bhp Bajaj Chetak!

My circle grew, and my fans increased with time. Not the one to sit idle, I entered the world of Motorsports. The country's motorcycling enthusiasts were shocked to see I turned up at a major speed event in Mumbai on a Bajaj Chetak. Almost everyone thought I was a fool. And then I pulled what would say the best wheelie of my life. I went on for more than a 100m on one wheel, bedazzling the other powerful motorcycles in the competing. On that fantastic day, I became a superhero and Wheelieboy was born.  

What events have Wheelieboy Adventures have hosted till date. Tell us something in detail about one particular event.

Vijay : We organize Ride For Safety (RFS). It was founded in 2004-05 but it got recognition in 2009. Ride for Safety formerly known as World Aids Day Ride is where concerned motorcycle and car enthusiasts congregate to contribute to a social cause of a high order.

With such great endeavour towards a very noble cause, the Bollywood fraternity wasn’t one to be left behind. Juhi Chawla flagged off the rally in year 2009. We had Youth Icon and Biker, not just in reel life but also in real life, veteran actor John Abraham in year 2010 and John came back in 2012 with his crew of Shoot out at Wadala. In our last event in 2013, we had Akshay Kumar who flagged off as well as rode with us to spread the cause.

Road Safety awareness is the need of the hour. Hence, it was delightful sight to see so many bikers from various backgrounds (IT professionals, Doctors, artists etc) get together with so much energy. And for coming years, Wheelie Boy promises an even bigger and larger ride!

What problems has Wheelieboy Adventures faced till date?

Vijay : It took couple of years to make RFS as annual event, I used to sit for hours for Police and other permissions, then hunt to get celebs and then the sponsors. But the most difficult was to get bikers, here I never charged a single penny as registrations and on the contrary I used to spend my personal money to make sure that my boys get decent hospitality but few were not happy with that. Last year a bunch of bikers boycotted RFS just because in 2012 they had to wait for 30 minutes under sun in month of December.

I dedicate more than 5 months to organize RFS where I lose my running business. Last year I did participated in Autocar Expo, Big Boys Toys which were little heavy on my pocket, still people criticize that I do for all this for fame, I almost gave up RFS but for my younger brother and my Jain Guru who told me not to bend down in front of such people.

Later my father said to me “Don’t worry about the money. I know you are doing for others and you are not so weak that you will bend down and give up so easily. “ That was the day when I got charged up and took RFS as a mission and you can see that with 1700+ Bikers, 300+ Policemen , Mr Akshay Kumar, and Top Cops of Mumbai supported RFS in 2013


What are the future expansion plans & events of Wheelieboy Adventures?
Vijay : I have couple of projects ready. In fact two days ago I started working on a Biking Event. As I have just started working on it I am unable to share much about it but hopefully I shall announce it in middle of the month of May or so.

We are keen to organize Ride For Safety in across India as we all really need to get educated about Road Safety.

Apart from these, I am keen in organizing a Drag Race but it needs a truck loads of Money!! 

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