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2014 Datsun GO - Prices & Specs

Nissan aims big with the GO, an entry level model which marks the rebirth of the Datsun brand. On paper the GO seems to be a very good package and is packed with many features (most of which them are optional and not available in base variant). But one has ample of choices in terms of customising their GO to their own tastes.

The GO is based on the Nissan Micra/Renault Pulse platform, thus the car is very spacious for its price. So all in all we now have a model that is shared by three different brands. But to be honest the Micra and Pulse are all together in a different league. The GO is an entry level hatchback aimed at competing against the like of Alto 800. Will the GO achieve its objectives and revive the Datsun brand? Time will tell.

The Datsun Go is offered in 4 variants all having the same 1.2L petrol engine which produces 68PS and is mated with 5 speed manual gearbox. Datsun claims that GO can deliver a fuel economy of 20.63km/l. Now this figure is achieved under standard driving conditions and it would be hard for you to match this in real driving conditions.

Length - 3,785mm
Width - 1,635mm
Height - 1,485mm

Engine Displacement - 1.2L
Max Power - 68PS
Gearbox - 5 speed Manual
Fuel Economy - 20.63km/l

Variant - Price (ex-showroom Delhi)
D - Rs 3,12,270/-
D1 - Rs 3,14,770/-
A - Rs 3,46,482/-
T - Rs 3,69,999/-

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