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User Review : Yamaha FZ-S - Kunal Joshi

  • On-road price: Rs. 82,500/-  as on 18/07/2013
  • Colour : Fearless Black.
  • Waiting Period: No waiting
  • Dealer: Neha Motors, Kalyan
  • Freebies & Accessories: Leg guard, side indicator buzzer, Parking Cover, Seat Cover.
  • Kilometer till date 15/1/2014: 3500km

After a good response on FZ, Yamaha introduced the FZ-S with some modification. Yamaha bikes always have been popular for their style and pickup and same thing they done with  FZ-S. This bike comes with muscular body with finest pickup. Yamaha launch this bike with various colours, but  I preferred Fearless Black body with orange colour shade. During Diwali-2013 Yamaha launched colour option "battle green" as special addition, which really look awesome!!!!

Coming back to review, riding Yamaha 150cc engine is excellent. I enjoyed a lot riding on my FZ-S. It has a handsome looking tank, stylish headlight and comfortable seat which makes my FZ-S sexy and dashing. Gear position and seat are placed appropriately which gives me excellent comfort on long bike rides.
I travelled many a times from Mumbai to Pune on my bike and till now I was never disappointed with its performance. Bike is rock steady at his top speed of 110km/h,  and it gives me very comfortable journey, with mileage of around 40kmpl.
FZ-S is loaded with 153cc air cooled , 4-strock SOHC engine which gives a smooth ride, and engine sound is pleasant to me. During the run-in period of 500km, It was really difficult time for me to keep my speed under 50kmph, as I controlled my emotion till the first servicing but after first service the engine has become too smooth, too strong and its showing excellent performance while riding. Pickup you will get from this engine is excellent you can easily take bike at a speed of 90km/h in a matter of few seconds. 

Yamaha is good in bike styling. They have put equal effort on all their bikes. muscular 12.1L fuel tank makes the FZ-S look sexy. It feels more stylish when you look at the front and rear tyres, specially rear one. It is wide and small, blends with overall shape of the bike. FZ-S headlight is very powerful and very helpful at night. Digital speedometer with orange backlight looks pretty sexy. The shape of silencer is excellent and seats are comfortable for both rider and pillion rider.

Braking system of FZ-S is excellent. It has Hydraulic single disc in front and drum style at rear, which makes braking more strong. rear drum brake is quite sufficient on highways.

Suspension/Ride Comfort:
The FZ-S has quite good suspension. I really don't feel any problem in FZs suspension while riding on highways or in cities but few of my friends told me rear suspension is not too good, I got 50/50 response from all.

Stability & handling at high speeds:
Yamaha FZ-S (150cc, 137 kg weight) remains rock steady till the speed of 110 km/h. As company says FZ-S top speed is 112 km/h its almost true. You can reach speed at 110km/h very easily on highways and also you can enjoy that speed without much vibration. FZ-S handling in cities is also very comfortable, in city traffic the disc brake helps you a lot.
Thanks to its large rear wheel base, cornering with FZ-S is amazing even at high speeds.
Ease of ride & Fuel Economy  – city & Highway :
FZ-S gives you pleasure for riding with some pain in your pocket, FZ-S gives a mileage of around 40kmpl. in city and 45kmpl on highways.
One best experience/trip with your bike:
Lavasa was one of the great experience that i had enjoyed. Taking sharp and inclined turns with FZ-S on Lavasa ghat was excellent. Also when I rode from Mumbai to Pune there are few patches which i like most JNPT, Khopoli ghat etc. Thanks Yamaha FZ-S for giving me  such a wonderful experience.
I enjoy every day riding my FZ-S, and I'll always do- Yes Yamaha..!!!

Issues with my bike till date:

1.       Initially, headlights beam position was misaligned.
2.       Digital Fuel indicator was not accurate. Sometimes it indicates uncertain fuel level.
3.    Brake liner was making some noise got it corrected.

I really happy with my bike performance. My suggestion is go for Yamaha FZ-S if you really want to enjoy bike riding. In all 150cc segments bikes FZ-S is best bike (Unicorn, trigger pulsar, hunk and all other) in looks, power, pickup that what i think personally.

" Yes Yamaha- My Yamaha"


  1. The front number plate positioning sucks. Takes down the whole styling of the bike

  2. Yes... i agree...the number plate position is plain ugly..!


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