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2014 New Honda City - First Drive

The recently launched 4th generation Honda City is bound the fire up the sales chart again and would likely make Honda regain its foothold in the mid-luxury sedan segment. The new City has set a benchmark in terms of luxury in the mid-sedan segment

We took the all new 2014 Honda City Diesel out for a quick run in Pune and we are mighty impressed by Honda’s new offering that is sure to be a segment leader once again with the help of the 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine borrowed from the Amaze.

Exteriors :
Although the 4th gen City might be similar to the 3rd gen in terms of overall layout, it is quite different from the latter. First thing you must notice is that it is slightly longer than its predecessor by 50mm thanks to its extended wheelbase. The front grill is bold and has a chrome winged-shaped finish. The front bumper has aggressive cuts much like the Honda Accord. The tail lights have been redesigned too and gel with the overall design of the boot-lid. The only point where I would like to criticize the exterior is the design of the alloy wheels, they could have been a little more aggressive to blend with the new design.

Interiors :
This is one area where the new City has literally set benchmark for others to follow. Be it the beige leather upholstery, the dual-tone cabin, silver finishing on the dashboard, high quality plastics the new City is bound to catch your attention the moment you enter inside. There are loads of positive I can write about for the interiors but those that stand out is the all new IP console. It’s absolutely stunning with the segment-first touchscreen A/C controls, multi-coloured illuminated speedo console, 5-inch touch audio system with Bluetooth and call buttons on the steering wheel and other audio control buttons. The A/C vents have been nicely concealed in the new dashboard layout and you really appreciate that this particular change adds a touch of class to the overall design of the dash.

Comfort & Convenience:
Getting into the driver’s seat for a guy like me who is 6ft tall is a bit difficult. I have to pull the seat way back to its fullest before I can get both my legs inside. The seat is comfortable and is the height adjustable. I have to keep the seat to its lowest position to have a safe gap between my head and the roof. Talking about headroom, it is worse at the rear, again for a 6ft tall guy. I had my head literally touching the roof at the rear even at standstill, my head would definitely hit the roof if the car goes ober a bump little too agrresive. The steering wheel is tilt and height adjustable which is definitely required if you are too tall or too short. All the controls on the IP console is easily accessible except for the I-pod and charging ports. The new city offers arm rest at the front which is an added comfort for long journeys.

Performace & Ride :
With just 15mins to drive we didn’t get the chance to evaluate the ride quality thoroughly but we can definitely concluded that ride has definitely improved from the precious city thanks to its longer wheelbase. We did drive the City rough in whatever time we could get out from it and would say that it did not disappoint a bit. The braking is precise and has a very good bite to it. Even for a sedan like car I did manage to zip past the traffic with ease thanks to its light and precise steering.

Power from the 1.5L diesel unit is on-demand and feels as good as a petrol unit apart from the engine noise which is quite audible. The gear knob is another area for concern. Although the gear shift is smooth and subtle, the gear knob itself is a disappointment. It is too thin and feels brittle and hampers the luxury feel of the car, I was worried that I would break it if I get a bit more charged-up during an aggressive run. Watch out for our Complete Drive Report, which would be posting as soon as we get to spend a good amount of time with the City, for an in-depth analysis of performance and ride.

Price :
Honda has stunned us with a pleasant surprise. The new Honda City has been so aggressively priced that you will be tempted to buy this one just by looking at the price list. The new city offers more luxury and bang for your money than you would have expected. Here’s a list of ex-showroom prices

Ex-showroom (Mumbai)
E  MT Petrol
Rs.  778,189
S  MT Petrol
Rs.  843,212
SV MT Petrol
 Rs.  890,407
V MT Petrol
Rs.  942,846
VX MT Petrol
Rs.  1,041,430
E MT Diesel                                     
Rs.  904,102
S MT Diesel
Rs.  969,130
SV MT Diesel
Rs.  1,013,182            
V MT Diesel
Rs.  1,065,624
VX MT Diesel
Rs.  1,164,215

Conclusion :
We would not like to conclude anything yet for the new City. But here are the Pros and Cons

Pros :
  • High-tech & loaded IP console
  • Superb design and finish quality
  • Diesel option which claims to deliver 26kmpl
  • Luxury you cannot bargain more at that price
  • Ample of space at the rear & in the boot

Cons :
  •   Ingress and Egress is a bit difficult for a tall person at the driver’s seat
  • Headroom at the rear for a tall person
  • More powerful Diesel engine should have been offered


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