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User Review : RE Classic 500 Desert Storm - Rahul Ranade

On-road price: Doesn’t really matter when you are opting for this machine  (Rs. 1,72,000 /- for non RE lovers)

Colour: Dusty

Waiting Period: 3 months

Dealer: Paragon motors, Nagpur
Freebies & Accessories: Key-chain J

Date of Purchase : 25th Jan 2013


Royal Enfield engines justify the tagline “Made like a Gun”. You can feel the 500cc monster under the seat as you cruise at high speeds. It has been 10 months and over 17,000 kms on the odometer that I am riding this machine without any glitches. You can get all other technical detailing on Royal Enfield website.


In spite of all the “feels like god” experiences, there are some minor issues with the vehicle and a major one is brakes. Rear drum brake is not that effective as it should be (Especially while you are riding on Indian roads).  I had to change brake shoes after three long rides and 15000 kms.
No issues with Front (Disc) brake so far.

Suspension/Ride Comfort:
Near Pratapgadh, Mahabaleshwar
Metal-encased telescopic forks lead to a bright, hooded headlight, sticking out from a Royal Enfield trademark steering head. The classic model gives you comfortable upright ergonomics having oldy vintage charming charismatic look. Rear wheel suspensions and another added springs under rider seat prevent from getting saddle-sores J (Always get a stoppage after every 200kms when you are going for a long ride).

Stability & handling at high speeds:
As the dead weight of vehicle is around 187 KGs, it hardly deters by windy weather (on low speeds). Cornering may be a problem with this bike (Never dared trying it).  You can accelerate the engine upto 130kmph comfortably (with lots of courage).

Fuel Economy – city & Highway:
You can hardly get any 500cc fuel economic engine anywhere. The bike is always thirsty for fuel. With the new bike and decent driving style, you can ride @ 28-30kmpl in cities and 35kmpl (max) on highways.


Experiences with the 500:
Every time I start the engine, wring the throttle and hear a typical rhythmic thump, it becomes the best experience.
Made like a gun (Canon at Jaigadh fort, Jaipur)

The round trip of Mumbai --> Udaipur --> Jaipur --> Mumbai was the best one that can be listed, because it was my first long ride. In scorching sunny weather and a T-Shirt full of sweat, I was just enjoying the ride on polished and shiny roads in the sands of time.
A quick night ride from Pune to Nagpur was a BESTER one. A chilling night, clear sky completely filled loads of shining stars, and the slow, steady ride on irritating highways. But nothing could stop me from enjoying the ride because the destination was Home town.
And the BESTEST experience; the time when I got key of my DS and I took it out of showroom to sweet home.

Issues with the bike :

There are various areas where RE should get on working immediately..
1) Finishing – Rusting is a serious problem with all Enfield bikes. Joints and welds catch rust even if they are chrome covered.
2) Rear Brake –Rear brakes are not that effective (personal opinion).
3) Wheel alignment – Every time I find some problem in wheel alignment whenever I go for bike maintenance.


  1. The Desert Storm is a beauty ..!!!

    You are one Lucky Dog Rahul......contact me when you would be selling it ;)

  2. Ultimate ride buddy.....
    After reading this, I also want to buy this machine....
    Best of luck for ur next rides..... :-)
    Regards.... Navneet.


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