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3 Important Tyre Tips - Save Time, Save Life

Remember that - "the tyres are the only part of your car that makes contact with the road"

So, a problem with the TYRES is problem to the CAR and a problem to YOU

We generally have tendency to ignore these tyres completely unless they fail someday. And when that happens our schedule for the day gets messed.

Think about it 

- your going for an interview and in between no where your tyres fail you. 
- you are going on an outing with family with your kids or may be your pregnant wife on-board, cruising at around 150kmph on the highway and you have a puncture or a tyre-burst. The consequences are devastating and fatal as well

Start giving importance to the tyres as well, if they malfunction you are stranded or risk your life!

Here are some tips that increases the life of your tyres and decrease the chances of their failure :

  • Tyre Balance - Always get the balance of the tyres of your car cehcked during every visit to the company authorized service centre. Wheel balancing of your car is checked by the service centre regularly during the periodic service schedule. Thus it is important that you follow the service schedule of you car strictly. You can find the period service schedule of your car in the Owner's Manual.
    Ideal it should be done every 5000kms.
  • Tyre Rotation - Rotate your tyres after every 5000kms. Tyre rotation helps eliminate uneven tyre wear, thus giving you a smooth and vibration free ride. Reducing the chances of complete wear-out of one of the tyres. Here's a recommended rotation chart by Bridgestone

  • Tyre Inflation - Tyre Inflation is one of the most important factor that determines the life of the tyres. Over-inflated tyres are bound to develop cracks in the rubber surface and threat of the tyre-burst. Under-inflated tyres makes them wear-out faster than their intended life. Thus it is highly recomended to inflated the tires at the comapny recommend PSI levels. You can find the recommended PSI level for your tyres in the Owner's Manual 

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