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Honda Launches 'Masculine-Redesigned Dazzler' : CB Trigger @ Rs. 67,384/-

  • Honda has launched the new 150cc CB Trigger at Rs. 67,384/- (ex-showroom Delhi)
  • With this one Honda now has 4 different motorcycles in the 150cc segment
  • CB Trigger shares the same 150cc engine with the CB Unicorn Dazzler
  • Trigger even shares the same Advanced Design Diamond Frame with Dazzler
  • CBS (Combi-Brake System) is Optional and not as a Standard Feature
  • CB Trigger features 240mm Disc brake at front and 220mm Disc brake at the rear, again same as the CB Unicorn Dazzler
  • Technically, apart from the CBS, the Trigger is re-designed Dazzler !!

In-House Competition
CB Trigger is the 4th 150cc bike currently on sale from Honda. The other 3 bikes are the CB Unicorn, the CB Unicorn Dazzler and the CBR 150R

CB Trigger is the 2nd most expensive 150cc Honda, obviously the CBR 150R is the costliest. The evergreen CB Unicorn remains the cheapest.

Price Rs. (ex-Delhi)
CB Unicorn Dazzler [Dual Colour]
CB Trigger
CB Unicorn Dazzler           
CB Unicorn

Honda seems to have used the same 150cc engine for the CB Trigger that powers the CB Unicorn Dazzler. So no new or upgraded engine for the CB Trigger. Here again the CBR150R has the most powerful 150cc engine of the lot with a little more torque,

Power (bhp)
Torque (Nm)
CBR 150R
17.57 @ 10500 rpm
12.66 @ 8500 rpm
CB Trigger
14 @ 8500 rpm
12.5 @ 6500 rpm
CB Unicorn Dazzler
14 @ 8500 rpm
12.5 @ 6500 rpm
CB Unicorn
13.3 @ 8000 rpm
12.5 @ 5500 rpm

CB Trigger has a much better ground clearance than the Dazzler, surprisingly the 150R has the highest ground clearance of 190mm. The height of the Trigger is lower than rest of them and thus is much better for the average Indian rider. The Trigger weighs 137kg and is the lighter than the other 150cc Hondas. Both the Length and Wheelbase of Trigger is smaller than the two Unicorns

CBR 150R
CB Trigger
CB Unicorn Dazzler
CB Unicorn
Kerb Weight
138 kg
137 kg
138 kg
146 kg
2045 mm
2073 mm
2095 mm
825 mm
757 mm
754 mm
756 mm
1120 mm
1060 mm
1085 mm
1100 mm
1305 mm
1325 mm
1328 mm
1340 mm
Ground Clearance
190 mm
175 mm
162 mm
179 mm


The CB Trigger scores very high in terms of design and dynamics. Looks solid masculine and sporty and combines with a smooth, frugal and reliable Honda engine. It has enough power and torque to match its solid looks. With these parameters it is a serious threat to the segment leader Pulsar 150. The Pulsar looks, although are sporty, are out-dated. It will be interesting to see if the CB Trigger can topple the Pulsar in sales chart. Keep an eye on the April and May monthly sales figures.


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