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IN PICS : Pulsar 200 NS in Exclusive Ninja Colours

We scooped up the Pulsar 200 NS in the Ninja Colours in a Bajaj Showroom in Mumbai.

The 200 NS looks absolutely stunning in the 'Black n Green' livery. Guess this may be a limited edition colour. 

If you want to own the rare beauty, contact you local Bajaj Dealer right now!!

P.S. : If you want to know which is this showroom in Mumbai. Leave your cell number/email in the comments. We'll send you the contact details exclusively!! Hurry before these green beauties go out of stock 


  1. I want to buy the pulsar 200ns. I have heard that it is getting a fuel injected system and ABS soon. Could you tell me the time of that launch in India.
    And i also want to know the showroom where this green colored ns is available.


  2. Hi Vaikunth,

    Yes you have heard it correct. The 200NS will have FI and ABS in th future but nothing is confirmed as of yet. FI system and ABS is mandatory for some markets outside India and Bajaj is considering FI and ABS for those markets at the moment. For the Indian market, it is highly unlikely that ABS and FI will be offered as standard or even as an option. This is because with addition of ABS and FI systems the cost would shoot up over 1 lakh rupees and bajaj would not like the 200NS to be expensive. But things can change and we may have ABS and FI for the Indian Market

  3. Talhak023@gmail.com
    This is my email I'd
    Send me showroom add of ninja green 200ns bike


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