All You Need To Know About Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)

Safety has been of utmost importance for all the car manufacturers. With the advancement and development in science and technology car manufacturers have constantly worked hard to produce more and more vehicles equipped with high safety features so that the ride is comfortable as well as safe. Nowadays, many new automotive safety technologies are produced, these are based around computers, micro-circuitry that can sense what the car and its driver are doing and compensate for any problems that may threaten the well-being of the car and its passengers.
Some of the most impressive safety improvements involve Braking. The ability to stop a car in a safe manner is crucial in preventing accidents. Antilock braking systems (ABS) are now found in almost all cars, and with the addition of refinements like electronic skid control (ESC) these systems, along with an alert driver, can stop many accidents before they ever happen.

One of the most important braking feature included is the ELECTRONIC BRAKEFORCE DISTRIBUTION (EBD). Usually, EBD is always accompanied with the ABS feature in vehicles.EBD, is based on the principle that not every wheel might need the same amount of brake force to make the car come to a hault. Some wheels may carry a larger load while others a bit less thus the force required may vary. EBD technology not only detects that how much amount of weight is supported by each wheel but also detects how much force is required by each wheel to make the car stop.

Friction is the most important phenomenon by which the vehicle moves and stops. There are many conditions by which the tires loose friction which causes the vehicle to skid away. Few include driving on icy roads, braking too hard instantaneously etc. Thus to avoid this skid and increase the traction of the tires EBD along with ABS is used.
EBD mainly consists of three components these include, the Speed Sensors, Brake Modulators and ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The speed sensors usually determine the rotation and the speed of the wheels. The brake modulators then provide the amount of Brake force via pumping fluid in the brake lines (hydraulically). The ECU is a mini computer that takes the input from the sensors and calculates the amount of braking force to be applied to each wheel.

EBD is of utmost importance to any vehicle whether it is a small hatchback or a large SUV. Driving safety is to be included in each and every car. Driving safety is important to everyone – even pedestrians. Electronic brake distribution and antilock brake system technology, especially when coupled with other safety technologies such as traction control and electronic stability control, is a major contribution to driving safety and can help keep us and our family safe, whether on long trips or just a drive to the local market.

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