"A Women's Will Is Strong Enough To Move Mountains" - Stuti Rastogi | Candid Interview with a Young Lady Biker

stuti rastogi delhi lady biker interview

Tell Us About Yourself Stuti

I was born in Kanpur, UP and did my schooling there and then shifted to Delhi for graduation. I was a Karate girl, as I started practicing taekwondo at the age of 7 and later played nationals in both taekwondo and boxing. As a kid I was crazy about superbikes, their posters and used to play lot of motorcycle games on my PSP.

How was your first ride experience?

My first road trip was kind of a sudden plan to Rajasthan where there were empty roads, extreme temperatures, rough winds, sandy tracks, twists turns and swirls on some amazing roads and much more which aroused a kind of sensation and craziness to explore and ride. Along with 9 co-riders of Free Souls Rider group we rode from Delhi to Bullet Baba temple near Jodhpur. Next day at we travelled to Sam Sand Dunes, near Jaisalmer and then on the 3rd day to the India-Pakistan Longewala border to pay tribute to Indian soldiers. We covered more than 2000 kms in 4 days, it was an amazing experience looking into rural lives at our tea breaks, surprising people after taking out helmet and getting amazing comments and blessings.

stuti rastogi delhi lady biker interview

How is the society’s reaction towards a female motorcycle rider?

During my school days I used to ride a Yamaha FZ at my hometown in Kanpur and had to face cheap and lewd comments at times. Belonging to an orthodox family, my relatives were against my parent’s decision about me riding a motorcycle. But here, in Delhi, its fun and kind of pride I take when people get surprised by my bold look. At signal, in traffic jam, in parking, at mechanics shop, in neighbourhood, in racing events, at overcrowded places when I become the "Head turner" some people smile, some compliment, some comment and some just get jealous!

Do you think women are equally capable to ride big bikes but avoid riding them due to social reasons or lack of encouragement/support from family, especially in India?

Yes, women are capable of riding big bikes but I won't say equally. By God's grace men are born with muscular built and we girls with stronger will, so strong will is said to move mountains. Lack of support is surely major reason, on a personal level, aged 20; my parents never allowed my riding after I shifted to Delhi even though they were well acquainted of my unending love for bikes. They are unknown to my riding expeditions. It's my savings and part time work which helped me buy my bike and fund my trips.

stuti rastogi delhi lady biker interview

Tell us about the best ride experience you had till date

Not just the best but it was an amazing ride experience to Mana Pass on the Indo-Tibetan border with 7 fellow riders. This was not a fun filled ride to enjoy vacations, it was a challenge. And I am proud that I was able to faced it and come out successfully. The ride was pleasant till Badrinath, scenic view of Himalayas, talking with clouds, warm welcome by natives and much more but ahead awaited hurdles and challenges, no roads, just boulders, threatening water crossings, steep slopes, one big Honda CBR250R and one strong willed girl. I'm returned back alive and that was good enough for me. Team support and blessings worked the most during those testing times.

I have done almost all my trips on CBR250R; a couple of them on Yamaha R15 and Pulsar220 but my love for Honda will never change. It has got a good sitting posture in a sports bike and a very good 250cc engine No other bike can give all pleasures of touring, leaning, cornering, off-roading and braking like it does. Though it was heavy at times for me, but the love for it is endless.

stuti rastogi delhi lady biker interview

What are your future plans?

At this age of 20, it's most important to study but as a biker I am exploring myself as a tourer, racer, stunt performer and off-roader. I wish to ride on an international racing track and lean my mean machine wearing Dainese track suit and racing smartly on a BMW S1000RR . Not just that, I also dream of exploring every route, every village in India, supporting women empowerment, knowing more about them and live my dreams, both for myself and the society.

stuti rastogi delhi lady biker interview

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  1. Omg this so awsome!!!!
    Good going girl :)

  2. Nice Interview chims... Keep Ridin Gal... God Bless You... (y)

  3. Seldom do people work so much for their passions. You're one person I respect because you know what you love and you love what you do. I'm so proud of you Stuti. You're an inspiration for al those who fear the challenges in the path of pursuing their passions.
    Love you. :*

  4. Amazing dear.. looking forward to go on o ride with you..!!!!

  5. I am proud of you, dear Stuti, May God bless you.

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  7. amazing. stay safe and ride safe

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