10 Safety tips on using LPG powered vehicles

Here are 10 tips which are very important for safety of vehicles running on LPG

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1.     LPG being highly inflammable, any hot work (welding/gas cutting/brazing etc.) on the body or other parts of LPG driven vehicle should only be done by trained staff at authorized work shop. 

2.     Repair of LPG tank is not permitted under any circumstances. However, repair/maintenance of Auto LPG system and its components should be carried out at authorized workshops. Ideally, repairs should be done by the same Retro-fitter who has originally fitted ALPG (Auto LPG) system to the vehicle. 

3.     Auto LPG tank and the piping system should be checked regularly for any leakage.The Auto LPG Cylinder has to be tested periodically in line with statutory requirements. 

4.     In case of leakage in the LPG system, cut off LPG supply and park the car in open area, away from ignition sources. Move all the people to a safe distance from the vehicle, opposite to the wind direction and seek assistance of nearest authorized installer/workshop. 

5.     Do not use domestic or any other detachable LPG cylinder as auto fuel as it is punishable under Law and is also highly unsafe. 

6.     Auto LPG re-fuelling to the vehicle tank should be done only at the authorized ALDS (Auto LPG Dispensing Systems), through the dispensing nozzle. Do not fill domestic LPG or any other gas in a LPG tank. 

7.     Domestic LPG does not meet Octane requirement of Auto LPG and it may fail Engine in long run. 

8.     After refuelling LPG, please ensure that the dust plug is inserted back on the filler valve. 

9.     It is recommended to run the vehicle 5-7 Kms in petrol mode after every 100-150 Kms. run in LPG mode, to keep the petrol system in good condition. 

10.  For carburettor engine, it is a good practice to put the selector switch in neutral position for a while before switching over to LPG. Switching over directly from petrol mode to LPG may lead to engine stalling or backfire due to mixing of both fuels. 

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