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About Us | MotorZest

Who are we?

We at MotorZest love cars & bikes and are as crazy about them as you are (since have you reached till this page). MotorZest is all about energy, excitement, passion for automobiles. It is a place where like-minded motorheads share their story, their experience, their love for their machines! 

Team MotorZest comprising of the below mentioned members explore around and bring you exciting news, reviews, photos and videos of cars & bikes in India.

Why you should trust us?

MotorZest is driven by automobile enthusiasts who devote their precious time on this blog without any financial expectation. Yes, you read it right. We at MotorZest do not work to earn money and feed our tummies. 

Each and every member of Team MotorZest have their own secured source of bread-n-butter which is not even remotely related to the activities they perform for this blog.

And this is why you can be rest assured that every review, opinion and suggestion given by any member of our team is truly unbiased

We neither endorse nor promote any automobile company and do not entertain any request to write a biased article, review about them.

How do we run this blog?

The blog is majorly funded from the pockets of the members that run it. You can also find advertisements on this blog which is powered by Google Adsense, PopAds, etc. 

Sometimes we also publish paid guest posts for those companies / individuals who want to promote their product. It is important to note here that all information in such a guest post is written by the company / individual and we explicitly mention it at the start of the article that it is a guest post intended for promotional purposes.

The Team

Vivek Manjarekar
Founder & Editor
Rachit Kohli
Guest Editor - Motorcycles
Suyash Kaul
Test Rider - Motorcycles
Mridul Kohli
Sneha Sawant
Prathamesh Manjarekar
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