Mitsubishi Confesses Faking Fuel Economy Results

Mitsubishi Confesses Faking Fuel Economy Results

The Japanese automaker is a reputed company in the world. And recently, a news disrupted this reputation about the them. The company admitted that it manipulated the Fuel Economy results of their cars produced in Japan. 

According to the sources almost 6,25,000 Mitsubishi cars that were mostly produced for Nissan came under scrutiny. Four of its car models were majorly affected of faking the actual economy results of the vehicles, misguiding the owners. This news hugely affected the shares of the company as well, resulting in a huge dunk of 15% in the stock market. This dip was the most for the company ever in last 12 years.

Mitsubishi Confesses Faking Fuel Economy Results

Mitsubishi, also gets added into this category of misguiding the customers including Volkswagen and General Motors. 

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