Lykan Hypersport | Fast and Furious 7

The picture above is of a mysterious vehicle named Lykan HyperSport featured in a recent movie. And the name is indeed appropriate. This car isn't meant for sports or super sports, no. This one is meant for “hyper sports”. So does jumping from one Etihad tower to other qualify as a hyper sport? Yes, that is Lykan’s niche.

The car is manufactured by W Motors, an organization based in Dubai. They aim to design and build high end cars which are lavish and luxurious, particularly for the Global Elite clientele. For a hyper car there are three things that matter - engine, styling and design and exclusivity. And Lykan HyperSport boasts of the best of each.

There are only seven of Lykan HperSports destined for production. At a price of $3.4 million this is one of the most expensive car ever built. It is powered by 3.7 litre twin turbo flat six mid-rear mounted engine. The maximum power it has to offer is a massive 770 horsepower and a torque of 960Nm. It can go from standstill to 100 km/h in mere 2.8 seconds and can reach a top speed of 385 km/h.

The interior of the car has state of the art features such as LED ambient lighting, 9” hologram display with interactive motion, gesture recognition and advanced digital cluster. The Lykan comes with diamond encrusted LED lights for that luxurious finish.

In the final edition of the Fast and the Furious Saga there couldn't have been a better featuring car than this. The car is shown breaking through the glass wall and jumping from one tower to another in a scene shot in the U.A.E., a place where people go to Starbucks in their Bugatti. So they really had to up the ante for it to stand out. And Lykan perfectly fits the requirements. It is fast, exquisite and exclusive as it can possibly get.

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  1. hi yug., what is the cost of this car????

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